Blessings in Disguise?

I was just in Tulum for a retreat with my teacher, mentor, friend and yoga mama Colleen Saidman. OMG TULUM! Yoga retreat heaven... Each day the weather was different. Unpredictable. Some days sunny and clear and some days cloudy with wind and rain. I woke up early each morning to take a walk on the beach and watch the sunrise. Some days the sunrise wasn’t visible because the clouds were thick and consistent. The days the clouds were in the way I felt a little bummed. 

Then I realized that it was the clouds that made me appreciate the sun even more graciously. A feeling of excitement would overwhelm me when the clouds we moving and the silver lining was illuminated. I actually realized that it was the clouds that allowed me to look directly into the sun. To appreciate its warmth. To savor each moment of illumination.

Our practice illuminates blockages we all have in our bodies and in our minds. Things that prevent us from seeing clearly, acting appropriately, and using our energy efficiently. As we dive deeper its hard to look at the silver lining in these blockages. At first all we see is things getting in the way of our clarity and ease. But like the clouds these places we are stuck can show of the beauty of what is already there.

So you can ask yourself… What is it that’s stopping me from realizing my true potential?  Can I look at this thing that seems like a boundary to be a gift?

After many years of dancing I incurred countless injuries. Even though the practice of yoga has given me a way to heal myself and nurse old injuries. My limitations still exist. I have injured almost every part of my body and the body doesn't forget easily. Initially, I was frustrated with my body. A strained hamstring, a herniated disc, sprained ankles, bunions… well you get the point. But then I realized that it was my injuries that were shaping the way I teach. Showing me to have a deeper understanding of the limitations in the human body. Now I can see that these things that we perceive as road blocks can actually be blessings in disguise.

Jamie Lugo