How To Make a Negative a Positive

“But a true and accurate measurement of one’s self-worth is how people feel about the negative aspects of themselves.” - Mark Manson

I have read this quote over and over in the past few days. Pondered it and asked myself- how do I feel about the negative parts of myself? It’s not very often we even acknowledge the negative sides of ourselves. Instead, we are constantly pointing out the negative parts of others.

So what are the negative aspects of ourselves? The imperfect parts? The parts that are perfect that we think are not? A blemish, a stretch mark, an extra 5 lbs? A grudge, an attitude, a wrong idea, a strongly held belief? The shadows of our being we don’t want others to see? Or does the negativity lie in the attitude one has toward all those things? 

If you think about a negative of a photo, the darker elements are illuminated and the lighter aspects made dark. This is original image. This is the picture from which all other copies will be made. It is known as the RAW stock prior to exposure.


So maybe all this “good vibes only” shit doesn’t help our personal growth at all because it leaves out 50% of the picture. When we want to avoid a “negative” situation or feeling we could instead taste it, smell it, touch it and get to know it. And that is what could actually help us grow... 

Jamie Lugo