Meaning Making Machines


We give meaning to everything. We label, we define and we assign. This is how our brains are wired. To make sense and figure out. 

What if we let ourselves believe that WE have the power to assign any meaning to anything? What if we realized that we also have the power to change that thing or make its quality stronger? What would be possible from this perspective? What you pay attention to changes. Science has proven this with the “Observer Effect”.  Everything is empty of an inherent quality. Meaning everything has the ability to change. Monday’s aren’t inherently miserable, mirror selfies aren’t inherently egotistical, Advil doesn’t have the inherent quality to take away your hangover. 

While this can feel hopeless it is also incredibly hopeful. You can chose the story you believe in, you can change an old story that isn’t working for you, you can reframe just about anything. So if your feeling stuck, try on a new perspective. Ask yourself : What am I giving meaning to? What meaning am I assigning this thing...?  Is this actually working for me? If not, what other meaning can I assign this subject? It may change the way you feel, the way you view something and maybe even change the amount of money in your back account. (👈🏽 no promises on that one...)

Jamie Lugo