Mirror, mirror on the wall...

To mirror or not mirror? That is the question.

 My first official yoga class (17 years ago) was a bikram class. I remember looking into my own eyes as I balanced on one foot, felt sweat dripping down my face and realized the sound of my breath was the thing keeping me upright. It was a really powerful moment and dare I say, the moment I realized that yoga was my path.

I later evolved to a home practice and practiced in studios sans my own reflection. Some like the mirror and some think a mirror ruins your practice.

 But as I sit in the residue of an awesome class, the first time I’ve practiced in front of a mirror in years, I am (literally) reflecting on what the mirror just gave me.

I feel quiet, focused, and calm. I was able to pick up on some bad habits I have acquired by being able to see what I look like during my practice. I love looking into my own eyes as a tool to see something deeper. While I know this practice is so much more about how it feels vs. what it looks like, I can’t help but wonder: Are there some things we can only see from the outside in? How can a shift in perspective be a tool to self-reflection and not an impediment? In a day and age of “selfies” can we really use the mirror to truly see oneself? What are the benefits of looking at yourself while looking at your Self?

Jamie Lugo