The Reckoning

“The reckoning comes when you peek into you future and decide if that’s a person you can live with...” Mitchell S. Jackson. 

We all have to reckon with things at one point or another in our life. 

While our decisions don’t make us who we are, they determine the the steps that allow us to move forward.

I feel like I am reckoning on a daily basis.

How do I want to feel tomorrow? If I respond to this email the way I REALLY want to, will I actually get the result/ outcome I’m looking for? If I get off the delayed express train and get on the local will I actually get to my destination on time? If I don’t say what I need to say will I be able to live with myself? Can I go to bed with ME tonight?

Eckhart Tolle talks about his reckoning moment.  He was suffering from depression and anxiety and one night he woke up and said “I cannot live with myself any longer.” Then he had a sudden realization that if he is saying that to himself, there is a part of him that was listening. He then decided to get to know the listener. Suddenly he was able to step back and take a look at what he’d just said. He realized, “who am I and who is the self that can’t I live with? because if I’m talking to myself, there must be two of me...”

While he isn’t saying that we have multiple personalities what he is saying is that we are always having a reckoning. Who we are, who we want to be, how we want to feel? 

The reckoning comes when you stop listening to old stories and decide to make new ones. Stories that will only forward our actions and deepen our learning. While building new stories can seem future oriented, the listening and reckoning of your stories always happens in the present. Knowing your place in the scheme of things RIGHT NOW.

Jamie Lugo