Take Away The Veil

“Your true nature is not lost in moments of delusion, nor is it gained at the moment of enlightenment. It was never born and can never die. It shines through the whole universe, filling emptiness, one with emptiness. It is without time and space, and has no passions, actions, ignorance or knowledge. In it there are no things, no people, and no Buddhas; it contains not the smallest hairbreadth of anything that exists objectively; it depends on nothing and is attached to nothing. It is all-pervading, radiant beauty: absolute reality, self existent and uncreated...” Huang Po

Just sit. Very quietly and very still. Do not move. 

Why? Because the more you move the more your movement will cover up the already existing natural, clear, fresh awareness that already exists in your body. Go ahead. Scratch that itch. But you will see that after that itch has been relieved, another one will show up. And another. And another. 

Watch your thoughts. What stories are you telling yourself? Notice the nature of those stories. What mind patterns and pathways are you strengthening by playing them over and over again? Notice the nature of those patterns.

As you watch your thoughts you will realize that there is someone watching those thoughts. A greater consciousness aware of all that chatter. A clear, still being. If that being is watching the tumultuous nature of your thoughts then who are YOU? If there is someone observing then who is doing all of the talking? The chatter or the stillness? 

You are not your thoughts. Instead your true nature is a stillness that cannot be realized while running, jumping and moving about.  It cannot be found in the cloudy waters of our likes and dislikes. Nor can it be found through the blurry lens of our opinions and habits. It cannot be realized when we identify with every flippant and ungrounded claim that passes through our highly evolved mind. 

All of that chatter strengthens your ego. The more you listen, the more you believe your thoughts to be true, the heavier the veil you pull over the eyes of the soul. 

Chögyam Tryngpa Rinpoche says, “Enlightenment is permanent because we have not produced it; we have merely discovered it.”

The ego cannot survive in stillness.

So sit. Be still. Just listen. See if just for a split second you can remove the veil of ego through stillness.

Jamie Lugo